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    States to Vote Today on Internet Sales Tax

    As the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear, revenue-hungry states will vote today on a plan to tax all Internet sales.

    Tax officials and legislators from 31 states -- including Maryland, Virginia and the District -- are meeting in Chicago today to vote on a proposal to simplify their tax laws and enter into a voluntary pact to collect online sales taxes.

    "This is a 21st century system that will dramatically improve the morass that currently exists," said Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt (R), a key leader in the states' effort. "I'm confident that this agreement will be approved by a majority of the states and will mark the beginning of a new phase of this process."
    Entire Article Here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...2002Nov11.html

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    Can't keep their hands off, can they? Between federal, state and local taxes, they're getting a third of our income already, but they always want just a little bit more.

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    Let me start by stating that this is not for or against taxation of internet goods, it is just one thing ot think about.....

    Currently. states generated most of their income from some form of taxes. Because of the Internet, the states quite possibly lose tax money which is used to fund programs in the state. There are two ways to replace that money. They can either raise taxes or cut programs currently in place. If taxes are raised, people yell and scream about higher tax rates. If programs are cut, people yell and scream, espcially if the cut program affects them somehow. So no matter what happens, the states are in a "darned if you do, darned if you don't" situation. What are governments to do then?

    Just something to ponder over....

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    You left off a third option.
    Stop wasting the money they already get.

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    Stop wasting the money they already get.
    it's the government, what are the chances of that happening?

    i don't really care all that much. i have to pay taxes in the stores already, so i don't really care if i have to pay taxes online too. i'm still saving money by buying online.

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    It might still be slightly cheaper to buy online but taxes and shipping costs will definately bring the prices a lot closer to retail.

    Then it becomes a question of whether or not it's still worth it to buy online and having to wait as opposed to spending a few dollars more and getting your merchandise the same day.

    As far as government goes. If more people cared about how they spend our money, they wouldn't waste it. They only waste it because they get away with it.

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    Thumbs down

    This is definitely going to affect online sales. America land of the taxpayers!

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    This is probably going to kill off a number of online retailers. I mean, they would either have to cut prices or risk lower sales.

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    passing this bill will DEFINITELY hurt on-line businesses, whether it's small merchants (ebay,etc) to big outfits like amazon.

    this really sux

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    Yeah it is what happens. The infinite loop the government gets us in.

    They begin to tax something because there is more money going towards it.

    Then sales in that area decrease.

    They decide to spend money to help give that area a boost.

    Then all kinds of people use it.

    Then since all kinds of people use it, they decide to tax it.

    And so it continues.


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    that s the problem nobody cares and nobody votes I hear it all the time. By the way almost 50 percent of my income goes to the money hungry government so other people who do not work can live off of my toil. If you work then you should vote and vote to cut taxes not increase them.

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    Originally posted by ikazippy
    Stop wasting the money they already get.


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