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    DOS Registry Fix Command?

    My mind is failing me, what is that command that is used to /fix or /restore the registry? It is something like regXXX.

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    Senior Member MaxVal's Avatar
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    In Win98 it's "Scanreg /restore"

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    In Win98 it is scanreg /fix

    If you want to restore your registry to a previous registry backup, scanreg /restore.

    When you use the /fix you will loose one date out of 5 available of your backups.


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    well crud, it won't work when I boot off the floppy.

    What do I have to do?

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    You should just be able to press 'F8' when the splash screen comes up. Choose "Command Prompt Only" from the boot menu.

    When the prompt comes up, go to "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND". There, type in "SCANREG/FIX".

    I don't believe "SCANREG" is on a bootable floppy. You could boot w/ a floppy, but you'd still have to go to "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND" to run "SCANREG/FIX"

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    Got it, thanks.

    I was trying to do it from the floppy.
    Worked like charm from the F8 version.

    Although, this still didn't fix my problem.
    See the thread "Win98 won't boot" for my other problem I am trying to fix.

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    Dude, your eyes are freaking me out.

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    Originally posted by zen
    Dude, your eyes are freaking me out.
    Thanks Dude, you are the first person to comment on my avatar!
    I was wondering when someone would say something.

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    yeah, it wont work off of a floppy unless you put the "scanreg" on the floppy.

    In other words it doesnt come on regular W98 boot floppies..so you just have to put it on there yourself.

    Of course with Windows ME you wouldnt have been able to boot into dos to do that restore cuz there is no DOS, lol..so you would need the floppy with scanreg in that case.

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