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    Expiration date on Canon ink cartridge?

    I was given a Canon BC-21e ink cartridge and I am selling it on e-bay. I have had a couple of inquiries about how old it is. I can't find an expiration date on the box. The box has "3C00B09" stamped on the bottom but what's that mean? I left an e-mail for Canon but have not heard from them and auction ends Sunday.

    Does anyone have an idea how old this cartridge is? Does it matter much how old? I hate to sell something as new that really isn't.

    Thanks guys.

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    the age will be in relation to the ink inside - the older it is the more likely it is to have formed globules.
    Second hand rules apply - tell them you don't know. You can't sell something with false details but if they buy and you've told them everything the can't come back to you (in the UK at least).


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