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    Talking Wow...the guys over at HP are really smart

    They must have superhuman skills to come up with such solutions. I mean come on... how many of us knew that when you have a finger blocking the flash, all you have to do to solve the issue is .. well.....move that finger outta the way....ehhhhh
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    It might help someone, somewhere....

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    Ohh so thats what i have been doing wrong??? Hmmm who would have known.......

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    maybe if they reworded it to "if there was no flash" it would sound a bit intelligent.

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    Remeber all those stupid warning stickers you see on stuff (McDonald's coffee cup - "Caution! Very Hot!").

    There's a reason for everything...
    What did a tornado sound like before freight trains were invented?

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    Usually there's a reason....remember a few years ago when that lady sued McDonalds because she spilled coffee on herself and it was hot? That's when they started putting that label on the cup...

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