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    Unhappy Enough to make a grown man cry. (56k warning)

    All these gorgeous vintage Porshes are now mostly junk. What a shame. Socal's gonna cry.

    Train Hits Car-Carrier Full of Porsches

    VENTURA, Calif. (AP) -- A car-carrier loaded with vintage Porsches was struck by a freight train Sunday after becoming stranded on railroad tracks, officials said.

    The accident occurred about 3:45 p.m. near the Ventura County Fairgrounds, said Lt. David Wilson of the Ventura Police Department, who was at the scene.

    The car-carrier was "high-centered" on the railroad tracks and the driver was trying to maneuver it off the tracks when Wilson arrived.

    Wilson said he called to have train traffic stopped, but a northbound freight train came barreling down the track only moments later.

    "We were able to get the driver out of the cab, luckily," Wilson said.

    The driver suffered minor injuries while fleeing from the impact, Wilson said.

    The vintage Porsches "are close to totaled, if not totaled," Wilson said.

    "The train center-punched the trailer carrying the cars and split the trailer in half, and the cars went flying," he said.
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    I bet a woman was driving that train......

    Just Kidding!!!!

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    OH THE HORROR,the horror,the horror

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    Hey, look on the bright side. More Posches in the "scratch and dent" lot.

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    my buddies had an old porsche that caught on fire a few days ago...leak in the fuel or something, not a good week for porshes..porsches...porsches....is it just me or is that a wierd word?

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    I hate seeing non-GM cars in that predicament.

    BTW, it's more like a BROADBAND WARNING.

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    Ack argh ugh. No kidding.. it'd make a grown woman cry, too

    All those beautiful Porsches! A cryin' shame.

    Glad no one got hurt, but that carrier driver prolly wishes he was dead lol.. I bet that's going to be one hefty insurance bill

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    Wow, that sucks! If only the train hit a truck full of Ford Pintos. There may not be much of the train left, but I'd laugh instead of cry.

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    Here is another link that will make you cry

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    Damn, what a loss, especially with how old they are, and the condition of them! I'm not a big fan of porsches, but alot of old cars did get lost. The black one looks trashed, but some of the others look like they could be fixed up, although at what cost. At least they should be parted down for what can be salvaged, and given a second chance, if only as donors. Did the tow vehicle stall or something on the tracks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwolf
    Wow, that sucks! If only the train hit a truck full of Ford Pintos. There may not be much of the train left, but I'd laugh instead of cry.

    Then you could of said that the trailer farted.

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