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    Cyclist Alert: Kryptonite EV 2000 USELESS

    The "San Francisco Examiner" ran an article stating the Kryptonite EV 200 lock is essentially useless. The horseshoe shaped lock has a strong shackle and body. But the lock itself can be compromised with common household tools unnamed in the article.

    Through a bit of searching, I was able to find an online video. A grammar school kid could do it with a Bic Pen. Since this is on the INTERNET, I post the link as a public service for bicycle owners, not a tutor for would-be thieves!

    Please indicate you are from TechIMO in subject line so you don't get deleted as spam :)

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    I like the Kryptonite Locks and Bic Pens ads in the side bar. Neat.


    Edit: actually, the reader comments with that article includes a quote from the company that makes the locks. Worth reading them, IMO.
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