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Hmmmm...I wonder if this wonder-full car is still being made?

What does one in mint condition go for?

When it was first built, was it ever in "mint condition" ?


WHY You Should Buy A YUGO.
Let me give you some info that will allow you to better appreciate this classic car:

There are Many advantages to a

Collision insurance is null.

There are two kinds of collusions:
A) When someone hits you;
B) When you hit someone.

A) Having a YUGO HIT can only improve it !
B) HITTING anything with a YUGO is impossible since you must first get it to move!

Low insurance costs is just ONE reason for owning a YUGO


Actually, the YUGO was the World's first SUV.

Let me explain how that works: in Yugoslavia at the time when you were driving down the road, you were "off-road" as there weren't any roads to drive down.

My favorite YUGO was the Champaignoise --of which only three were made. It came with a bottle of Champaign under the hood. You stuck a rag into it, and convinced the car behind you it was a Molotov Cocktail-so they push you.

The reason it was discontinued was the dificulty in finding the hood.

The Yugo was well-desiged; instead of costly rust-proofing, it came with pre-rusting as free option. Thus effectively prevented rusting.

Even the Standard YUGO was extrodinary comfortable. Having no front seats, this allowed you to swaap-in your livinng-room Chaise. Since your Living Room was also your Bathroom in Yugoslavia, rest stops were a thing of the past.

Automatic Transmission Inn fact after a two-hour drive, it automatically bought you home , as you never departed. Unless you had one of the three Champaignoise versions. And could find the hood.

Custom-built Radio: The educational system made sure every YUGO came equipped with its own crystal radio, built by fourth graders. For a small bribe, you could get a Sixth-grade radio. Speakers were made of aluminum foil and doubled as the rear-view mirror.

In all the years it was produced not one YUGO was stolen,