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Thread: samsung tv help

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    samsung tv help

    hey all i just bought the official xbox tv, the black samsung, but its in the 26 inch version. i plugged it in, turned it on, hooked up my dvd player, and was amazed at the picture. i can actually see the grains on this tv. for an HDTV, i thought it would be better than that. I dont have an HDTV cables to hook my dvd, but i dont think it will help out

    can someone please help me out in customizing this TV? i dont want to have a picture like this, how can i get it like they have in stores? i bought it for things like watching DVD's and playing my ps2.

    please help me anyone

    i dont want a bad tv. i need to calibrate this


    This is the samsung LN-R268W

    thank you

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    Why does it look so good in the store???? Hook up some HD cables up and you'll see. That's a nice TV.

    Also, I saw the exact same TV at a local CompUSA store with the XBOX360 running on it and it was very nice. They were using the RGB cables though. HDTV and standard analog/digital are very different. You'll be suprised at the difference.
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    do i need hd cables for it to look good? also, my dvd player didng come with any hd cables, so where can i buy hd cables for it? and i need them for the xbox 360 and the ps2. where can i get those?

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    This has been talked about in the news section:


    The Xbox360 doesnt do nearly as well as a standard DVD player.
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    Fact of the matter is that a DVD is still only 480 lines of resolution. X-Box360 will put out 720 lines with a component video hookup. Cable television looks like crap on HDTVs. The TV has to take that 480 lines up and upconvert it to 768 or whatever your TV happens to be, thus you have image quality loss.

    Yes, there is a difference between component (three color if you want to call it that) and composite. You will get a _much_ cleaner picture from high definition sources through component. If you use composite, you're hamstringing yourself. But it won't matter what you use for normal resolution television and DVDs, it will always look "grainy."

    You should've stuck with the 30".

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