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    2005 MXZ 800 ski doo

    I have a mxz 800 the only way I can keep the sled running at idel is by using the chock now and then. It definitly is a fuel restriction problem. How do I adjust the carbs to fix this problem. I think that is what needs to be done? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help

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    The Ski-Doo support forum might offer more suggestions than a computer support forum.
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    Probably didn't store it away properly and have either varnish build up in the carbs or crud in them from Ethanol sitting in them if your state uses it in your gas.

    Idle using the choke is a sure fire sign that you have a partially clogged low speed jet/needle/orifice which is causing the sled to run lean. You can try running some carb cleaner through them in the fuel at a high concentration, but you may find that it does more harm than good and will have to pull the carbs and clean them out. Just spraying carb cleaner in them isn't going to do much good unless you know where to spray the cleaner into....if you can get it into the low speed circuit.
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