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    Wind? In SPACE??!

    The wind is no longer at Voyager’s back

    Voyager 1 is one of the most successful space missions of all time. Launched in 1977, it visited Jupiter and then Saturn, providing better close-ups of the two planets than had ever been seen before.

    But it sailed on, crossing the orbits of both Uranus and Neptune (a sister craft, Voyager 2, actually flew by the two planets). Over all those years, there has been one constant in the Voyager flight: the solar wind blowing past it. This stream of subatomic particles leaves the Sun at hundreds of kilometers per second, much faster than Voyager. But now, after 33 years, that has changed: at 17 billion kilometers (10.6 billion miles) from the Sun, the spacecraft has reached the point where the solar wind has slowed to a stop. Literally, the wind is no longer at Voyager’s back.
    NO, not the wind from politicians , SOLAR wind.
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    That's pretty cool.

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    IIRC, V2 actually crossed the termination shock more than once. V1 is finally out far enough into interstellar medium where the wind can't make it because the wind from other stars is beating it back. I'm not really sure how that works because every star should have a similar heliosheath, but I'm sure someone somewhere knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony_j15 View Post
    That's pretty cool.
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