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    Thumbs down Anyone know why we cant get this 80-MPG car here in the US?

    Anyone know why a FORD that gets 80-mpg cant be sold here in the USA?
    Focus ECOnetic: Ford's 80-MPG car? - Driver's Seat - WSJ
    Ford says it expects the ECOneticís 1.6-liter diesel engine to consume use less than 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which is how they measure mileage in Europe. On my conversion charts that comes out to about 67 miles per gallon. Ford says it expects 80 mpg. Industry experts including officials at Ford say differences in the way cars are tested for fuel economy in the U.S. and Europe can make the results of conversion charts inaccurate.


    Ford says the car will arrive in dealer showrooms (in Europe, not U.S.) early next year. It will be available as a five-door hatchback or station wagon.
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    Can you say "oil companies"?
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    Yup. People are conspiring to keep you from having one.

    No company would violate "The Oath", and unfairly compete with other members of "The Group"...

    You have the auto companies and the oil companies, foreign and domestic, all sitting on this plan to make life miserable for US citizens.


    In reality it has to do with diesel pricing. In the UK I understand diesel is about the same as gasoline, whereas in the USA is higher.
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    Pretty sure that diesel can't come to the US because of our emission standards.
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    There's no market in the US, obviously. People are not walking into car dealers looking for high mileage vehicles. They want SUVs and pickups.

    And if this was an oil company conspiracy, then why the hell would the oil companies let them sell the car in the EU, where gas is three times what it is here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLK03F150 View Post
    Pretty sure that diesel can't come to the US because of our emission standards.
    Yes. We've been over this before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckiechan View Post
    In reality it has to do with diesel pricing. In the UK I understand diesel is about the same as gasoline, whereas in the USA is higher.
    Actually, that's also a matter of manipulation. In the old days, diesel fuel was actually much LOWER than regular fuel.

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    Bingo and JLK are right, it mostly has to do with our emission standards for diesel. Trucks do not fall under those regulations which is why there are a lot of diesel trucks that spew black smoke.

    Also, 80mpg in Europe is not the same as 80mpg in the united states. The US gallon is smaller than the European gallon which is why it always seems that european cars get a lot better gas mileage than US cars.
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