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    The new IPod commercials...

    Has anyone else seen the commercials for the new Apple IPod? What is going on here? They are almost as bad as the Intel commercials with the aliens .

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    I laughed at the "Don't Steal Music" in fine print at the bottom of the screen.

    Like, who steals music...............

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    haha you can see it right here

    (4) iPod and iTunes are for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don't steal music.


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    5Gigs of MP3's!!! Aint it GREAT!!!

    Too bad ya gotta have an Apple computer w/firewire to use it :-(

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    "i" this....."i" that.....man, I'm getting sleepy


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    lol... and this iPOD was promised to be the next biggest breakthrough in technology that every geek was just gonna have to get. Wow another MP3 player.. I wonder if Jobs knew there are already thousands of these out on the market... I have a portable MP3 cd player that will read cdrs and cdrws and they hold close ot 250 songs... now whos gonna have the time to listen to that many songs much less a thousand.. I'm comfortable just throwing about 40 on a CDRW and calling it a day.

    Just like a Mac lover to make sure it only works with a Mac.. cause Macs are the bestest computers in the whole world and Bill Gates is our friend... lol

    I remember watchin Silcon Spin and that rep from Apple was there when they were talkin bout tech sales this holiday and everytime they would ask him a question he would start off by talking about the iPod... plugged that iPod everytime the conversation went to him.. lol.. finally I believe the host asked him when he was gonna stop talkin about the iPod and talk about the discussion topic.. lol.. when asked why not make it compatable for the PC he gave some lame answer like "that the PC can't let the iPod live up to it's potential" or something like that. What a crock.
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