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    Our good buddies - The Russians


    I think I'll have a vodka - straight up.

    The final legacy of the United States will be that in the end liberalism shamed & destroyed the heritage of this great nation. How sad as I see no turning back. When in Rome ..

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    Yep, we should ALWAYS use democracy and talking because that WORKS EVERYTIME! We should of just kept talking to iraq, they would of come around eventually!

    Just goes to show that talking means NOTHING to some of these people..
    Its all about the power and $$$$$$$$ nothing else matters in this world
    (The US certainly isn't immune to this problem mind you, I'm not pointing my fingers at anybody in particular)
    Helicopters don't fly; they vibrate so much and make so much noise that the earth rejects them.

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    I hate the beat the tired old drum, but a lot of people want to see the USA fall. Both here and abroad.

    The best thing that can happen is:
    a: prove to the world that thier jammers don't work.
    b: make the UN do something about it, since it is a violation of the UN sanctions.
    c: prohibit imports of electronic goods into this country for 10 years. (They have been beginning to create an industry in lab and other testing equipment for export, mainly to the USA).

    Gee, what will be find next?
    Bill Clinton: "I chose other women over Hillary. You should too!"

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    Well, you know what our good buddies the FRENCH would do!

    1) Send in inspectors
    2) Talk it over
    3) More inspectors
    4) Talk some more
    5) If all else fails, repeat steps 1-4

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