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  • Yes he needs em---you nutball

    3 17.65%
  • NO he will be better natured without

    7 41.18%
  • You're gonna do WHAT?

    4 23.53%
  • Other (please advise)

    3 17.65%
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    tkop, my opinion would be - wait & see. It's not a decision you must make immediately, it can be done at any age according to our vet.

    We have a HUGE 4 yr old... mutt, for lack of a better term. He's never humped anything that I know of. Maybe he's gay, or just has a low sex drive, who knows. If it ever becomes an issue, we'll deal with it - until then he'll stay "intact". And no, he doesn't run loose or out of sight. He's a house dog, just a really big one.

    Point is that not every male needs "modifications" to be tame!!

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    We have a HUGE 4 yr old... mutt, for lack of a better term. He's never humped anything that I know of. Maybe he's gay, or just has a low sex drive, who knows
    LMAO,a gay dog.

    I'm with Ed I would wait too, maybe he'll be gay as well
    The impossible takes more time,and costs more money.

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    Knock Knock!
    Whos there?
    Your neighbor down the street.
    What do you want,
    your dog broke through my fence and knocked up my female and now she gonna have puppies.
    you gonna share teh responsiblitiy of the pups?

    Well i think I have made my point. Too many irresponsible dog owners out there expecially with male dogs thinking they don't need to have them neutered cuz they are male.

    Has it ever occured you, that if your dog did in fact knock up anotehr female that you the owner of male dog gave undue hardships to the female dog and owner.

    now ya thinking well they should have spaded her. Well gee golly whiz you right however with both mistakes on both parties the ultimate responisbility ends up being with the female dog owner not the male.

    I don't care if you think your dog is neve rout of your sight or nothing. Dogs are reactive animals and they do get away from time to time even the best of them. and just that one time could be enough to knock another one up.
    Is it Friday yet? Better yet Saturday!

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    There are gay dogs?

    Holy moly it HAS been awhile since I had a dog---maybe FiFi would ________________(ack cant say that)---oh man---I dont know what to think/say/do now...

    BTW---I understand your view entirely Neo---

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