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    What does this mean ->> &gt;&gt <<-

    I was browsing through some of the old posts at "another" forum when I noticed that this " : &gt;&gt " has been inserted in place of some words.

    Any clues ?
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    &gt; is the character escape ('character entity reference') for the > character in HTML

    Say you want to display a > in html; if you typed it in straight then the browser would think it was opening a tag, so you use &gt; instead.

    Other common ones are &lt; &quot; &amp; &nbsp; etc... go to for the full list.

    Oh yeah, gt stands for 'greater than'...
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    I started noticing that when the old UBB threads were viewed with the new vBulletin software.

    It does look like the "greater than" sign here , here andhere
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