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    Little homework help please?


    Well this is a bit off topic but, where else is there such a collection of smart people so I figured I'd ask here..

    I have to do a research Paper on Jeffrey Dahmer,, Now I am really struggling on a thesis for this paper.

    I was thinking something along the lines of "jeffrey dahmers childhood made him become a serial killer" but after a some research it seems he really had a pretty normal childhood... Granted his parents got divorced when he was 18 and they were always fighting but.. I don't know..

    the good news is the paper doesn't have to be very long only around 3-5 pages so that isn't bad.

    Any ideas would be great


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    my parents got divorced when i was like 11 and me and them were always fighting, and im not totally crazy..

    tried looking in encyclopedia articles on him? or newspapers?

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    Try finding his major influences.

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    see if he played video games
    See if he listened to heavy metal music


    Try to find a psychologic evaluation of him.
    Maybe he had a traumatic experience as a kid
    Maybe he was just born dimented
    See if he abused animals as a child.
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    was he the one that was way into (violent) porn? or was that the other 95% of serial killers?
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    Well,, technically he wasn't insane he never lost touch of reality and he never heard voices or saw messages from god or somthing..

    He did abuse animals when he was young so,, I could somewhat go with that,,

    he is also quoted in saying he never wanted to get married because of all the pain he saw it cause to his parents..
    so.... possibly i could go with he was afraid of commitment so he killed his victims first then did what he wanted with them after they were dead.

    ( for those of you who do not know Jefrrey Dahmer was a serial killer who was also a homosexual necrophiliac (had sex with dead bodies)

    Possibly could also make the thesis "he was born evil" ( not those exact words but along those lines.


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