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    what software for animation?

    Hi all,

    I'm just wonderng what are some excellent software programs that allow you to do computer animations/graphics such as the one's that they use in movies, such as the hulk, and tons of other movies, and for animations too, ect...?

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    That is a good question ...

    I really don't know what to use myself as I am interested in 3d programming and well just google it and you should come up with software companies that provide decent software. I have been told however to try and do web based graphical programming using Macromedia Flash software. A friend of mine said he was able to learn this sort of programming in a year. As for gaming language programmers do use C++ related programming software .... I know that much ....

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    Maya, Lightwave, 3D Studio Max. All expensive and have long learning curves.

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    JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 does have Animation Station 3 for free (included in it) for $99 or for $39 alone.

    If you want to go inexpensive, you might try open-source (ie. Linux).

    Go here:

    Or Try (for free):
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