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    Invalid page fault in BGXJHFMI.DLL

    I have windows 98 with IE 6.

    When I go in IE I get a stack dump that reads Invalid page fault in BGXJHFMI.DLL.

    I did a google and yahoo search on this dll and can find nothing.

    How do I fix this error?



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    My first bit of advice would be to dump Windows 98 and upgrade to XP.

    Short of that, my guess is that it's not IE itself that's causing the problem, but more likely something else that's attached itself to IE. Do you have an toolbars installed (Google? Ask Jeeves? Yahoo? MSN? DogPile? Etc.) If so, uninstall them and see if the problem goes away.

    Next run Spybot Search and Destroy, then Adaware. See if they come up with any other "goodies" that might be installed that you don't know about.

    I think there used to be another program called BrowserCop or something to that effect. It would check IE to see if there were other "helpers" installed that you might not know about. Check http://www.download.com.

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    I would find the file: BGXJHFMI.DLL, and re name it: BGXJHFMIDLL.txt causing it to not be active since it is a text file. (remember where it is in case you need to re name it back to .dll)

    Some program or another is not going to work without this file. If it is something you need, then uninstall it and reinstall it again.

    No telling where this file came from. I did a search and I don't have it. But something is corrupted.

    BTW: Welcome to Techimo!
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    Chuck, I rename the file and it worked thanks.

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    maybe it's just me but that almost looks like a virus... ( mind you I have no information to support this opinion BUT that is just a screwball name for a legit DLL IMNSHO )

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