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    Internet explorer keeps refreshing

    Internet explorer keeps refreshing on my buds pc then the url bar goes to http:///
    over and over again letting him do nothing.

    running win2k
    ie 6.0.2800.1106

    Last thing he did was install media player 9 and then uninstalled it.

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    Wow you waited a whole 53 min. to bump, awsome!
    Did you try reinstalling I.E.? Try firefox, it is better than I.E. anyway. Is it only one website, or just any he goes to?
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    beerGod theres nothing refreshing about (I)nfected (E)asily,do a spybot on it after reinstall then do firefox,you need IE for windows update

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    mazdarx7-64... lol ....you *deleted* I needed a quick answer he was just passing by...lol
    I tired firefox and it works find. I tried a reinstall ie with no success to the problem. I tried spyware removers I guess I need to be more specific. Does anyone have a fix for this Ie problem?...besides using another client.

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    Hijack this, cwshredder, other spyware removers. That is what you have so those are the suggestions you'll get. You could post your hijack this output and we might be able to tell you what to remove.

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    go to tools, internet options, settings in there you can mod the refreshing rate and or even turn it off.
    if it is not broken, play with it till it is.

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