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Thread: Reverse whois??

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    Question Reverse whois??


    Is there a way to know which domain names a person owns? I mean if we know a specific url that a specific person owns, is there a way to know which are the other urls owned by the same person.

    Thanks for u're help guys !!

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    There are reverse whois sites but not for what your looking for. The reverse sites I have seen search based on ip address and give whois info from there.

    I cant see how it is possible to group all the sites that belong to someone together.

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    Appreciate your help buddy.

    Yes i have seen the IP to url ones. Bbut i need to look up those by a specific person or organization. So i am looking for something where i can give the "owned by" kinda field and it tells me all those urls listed to people/organizations with that name. Or all urls with owners in a specific geographical zip code or something like that. U guys know what i mean...

    I am sure there should be some way. It surely seems possible with all the different kinds of databases available.

    Thanks again ...

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    if there is a reverse whois that works in that fashion I ahve yet to find it!! You might be able to search on a registrar by registrar basis but looking for all domians purchased by one individual and hosted with different registrars I doubt you'll be able to do. I might be wrong I just can't find anything even remotely close to that

    edit: this might help dunno though
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