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    Unhappy Problem connecting


    can anyone help me. i have connected my ethernet cable in to the back of my pc and D-link airplus g+ wireless router and can not access the router?

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    Have you run the internet connection wizard?

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    Are you being assigned a DHCP lease? (open a command prompt and type "ipconfig" and make sure your IP address says 192.168.0.*).

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    hi - that was quick!

    I am a novice at this but i have been able to connect in the past but lost the connection and now can't connect?

    i have broadband connection but recieving is wireless - i have to connect my erthinet cable rom my PC in to lan port in D-link router instead of braodband directly to wan?

    Hope this makes sense?

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    Do you have the model numbers of your modem and router? Also, how is everything set up?
    for example:
    how many computer: wired? wireless?
    what's working, what isn't?
    model numbers?
    who is your isp and what kind of connection (dsl, cable...)

    First off make sure your modem and router are plugged in correctly to eachother. Then plug a computer into the router with an ethernet cable. Turn off the computer. Unplug power to both the modem and router. Wait 15 seconds then plug the modem back in. When it is done booting back up, plug the router in, when that is done, start your computer. If everything works with a cable, then let us know and we'll start getting to work on the wireless. If that doesn't work, then we have other problems!
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    i have connected all my cables switched off and restarted as above, still when i type i don't get any joy?

    i have one pc linked to d-link and want to connect wireless two others.
    when i do cmd, ipconfig computers recognise netbandit ISP 10,0,0,1 but nothing else ie: d-link through erthinet.

    i have a diamond wireless usb lan adapter which feeds wireless signal to pc.

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    tried ipconfig burt no joy only picks up internet not erthinet?

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    something is wired incorrectly if you're getting the ip address! What are the model numbers of your modem and router so I can give you exact directions on how to wire it. For now, lets work on getting the 1 computer working with a wire. Once that's done, then we'll set up everything wireless. I take it your internet is working and that's how you're posting, or are you posting from a friends computer?

    Ok...here's my best wiring diagram

    {Wall} ---------{Modem}----------{Router}------------{pc1}

    If you want me to get more specific...like telling you exactly what the ports will be labled i NEED model numbers!
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    doh! got d-link to work and is now being seen with ping test.

    believe it or not the local area connection was not enabled.

    now then how do i get other pc to link up?

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