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    Unhappy i lose internet connection every 5-10 minutes ><

    hi everyone, first of all thanks to whoever would read this and try to solve it for me. two computers in our house are connected to a 10/100 router, which is connected (by wire) to a linksys wag200G modem (owned by a neighbor). recently we (all the two computers) have been encountering lost of internet connectivity every 5-10 minutes. at first it was ok and we thought there's just some problem with the ISP, and we thought it would be fixed ASAP. but it kept happening, and the worst case was when we got connected for about 30 minutes, then there was totally no internet connection for the next 1-2 hours! i think nothing's wrong with the wires, as we can connect to the router, and the light for the modem is on. what could be wrong? we've contacted our neighbor about this problem, but then they told us it's not even happening to them.. everything's smooth for them
    im sorry for my noob terms but im not a computer pro or what. i just registered in this forum hoping someone might enlighten and help me about this situation, so any help would be greatly appreciated as it has been too annoying getting dc everyday.

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    What kind of Internet is it? DSL, Cable? DSL is plagued with loss and sometimes can be a pain. I also wonder if the router is configured correctly. Make sure you don't have a bunch of crap trying to access the Internet. Like auto updating with programs and what have you. There's more, but one can only do so much from a forum stand point. Could be anything..check for maleware.

    Search in these forums and start learning.

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    So your neighbors have a router and you have a router for your home? Is that correct? How long is this cable?

    If this is the case, plug a computer directly into the cable and see if you lose internet connection.

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