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    Wireless Internet Connection With A Wired LAN Connection Issue

    I have a vista PC that has a Wireless Connection To The Internet. I need to connect the same pc wired to a router to do the following:

    1) Allow me to access the Hard Drive and printer connected to the router
    2) Share my internet connection to anyone connected to the router

    When I plug in the wired connection to the router it disconnects from the internet and then it comes up with a IP Confliction.

    How do I resolve the first issue, as im sure when that is done it will help getting internet access to the other pcs


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    What router do you have?

    1) Can you give a little bit more information about this? Do you have a NAS and printer plugged into the router?

    2)The router should already share out internet to any computer that plugs into the router.

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    It is a dlink router. I have a portable hard drive with ethernet connection that plugs directly into the router, as does the printer. I don't have internet connected to the router that is being picked up wirelessly with a pc that i wish to hard wire connect to the router but when i do this i get the ip conflict and the internet connection i did have on the pc gets lost. When i unplug the wired cable i get the wireless internet connection back. This is on Vista. The rest of the pcs in the office are XP and have a wireless connection to the router. Like the vista pc, if we wish to connect to the internet we have to disconnect from the router and then connect to the wireless internet signal.

    So i would like the internet signal to be picked up on the vista pc and then share that internet signal with the router by having the pc hard wired connected to the router. Please help!

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    You will need to use ICS on the machine that is getting the wireless signal to share out the wireless connection.

    Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

    *note its illegal to connect to a wireless network you do not have permission to connect to*

    Now the dlink uses, and so does ICS. You will need to log into the router and change the address to You will also need to disable the DHCP server on the router since ICS servers out the DHCP addresses.

    As for your portable hard drive question. PLEASE LIST A MODEL NUMBER.

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    Off topic comments removed.

    jazzyjeff121 - we always appreciate people willing to help, however your suggestions just do not fit with the OP's questions, nor are they in anyway correct.
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