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    Can I have more than one modem in the house?

    I have very fast internet, but my computer isn't near the router and modem, so my wireless connection is bad. Could I get a modem, plug it into a coaxial outlet, and plug it into my PC?

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    No you cant have more than one modem plugged in. If you router is separate from your modem I suggest getting a longer cat 5 cable between the two devices so you can move the router around and get a better signal.

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    Oh, thanks.

    Can I move my modem to any Coaxial outlet I want, or would I need to contact my ISP for that?

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    Yeah you can use any coaxial outlet with your cable modem you want. Put it somewhere near the middle of the house if need be. What router are you using, and what wireless card?
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    Welcome to TechIMO!

    About the WiFi.... What distance? How many floors? How many walls?

    In regards to possible interference from other nearby devices, have you tried changing the WiFi channel at the router? Channels 1, 6, or 11 are recommended. Many routers default to 6, so try the other two.
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    You can use what they call a bouncer to move sig further out the house...will find u a link..

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