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    Straight Talk Wireless Phone As Modem

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be possible to use my straight talk phone as my modem? I have the availability of connecting my phone via USB to my computer. Additionally, I have a router that is EV-DO compatible and has a USB port to hook up my cell phone through it. I presume that in order to use it, however, I would need some sort of username and password to connect to the ISP (currently I am using dial up). Thanks, Ben

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    This is a little old and I didn't check the new FAQ's but

    Can I tether my computer to my Straight Talk Phone?

    The software in the Straight Talk phones has been modified so you are not able to tether you computer to your phone. The terms of the agreement specifically state you cannot use your phone for your computer. Straight Talk Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs.
    Most companies, even ATT, Verizon ect didn't allow tethering of your phone to your pc until recently. In some cases there were ways around it but now they charge you for it.

    edit: Re-read what you want to do and think I had it wrong the first time. Some phones could actually act as a modem. I know one of my motorolas could. Theoretically I could have dialed into a dial-up isp and connected straight from my phone and data cable. No extra modem needed. The speeds are extremely limited going this route, something way less than a 56k modem I believe.
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    Ok, I was just checking.

    But thank you for the information

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