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    Unhappy Draytek Vigor 2600 setup problems

    We've just bought the Draytek for our small office network
    to replace the frog modem we got from our ISP. Our
    network is on the 192.168.0.xxx IP addresses on subnet

    When I connect the Draytek to our network, be it either an
    underfloor cable, a remote switch, or the main switch, I cannot
    reach the Draytek on and the set-up CD fails to
    connect to it - "Failed to load settings."

    On the device itself, I'm connecting the RJ-45 cable to the 'P1'
    socket and the green light next to it stays on, but the 'Act' (activity)
    light keeps blinking.

    I'm new to routers (and even to LAN's :-/ ) but I thought this would
    be easy to setup. Anyone offer any suggestions as to what I'm
    doing wrong?


    James H

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    How does your LAN get IP addresses? Do you have a DHCP server? If you do you will need to disable the DHCP server built into the router. Also are you sure no other devices on your LAN are using already?


    Wait a minute. You say your lan is using, but the router is These are two different subnets. You need to change the ip address of the router to I order to do this you may need to remove a pc from you lan and connect it to the router. At this point the router will assign this pc an ip address in the 192.168.1.x range. You should be able to access the router setup now from this pc. Change the router ip address to and save the configuration. Now stick the router back in with the lan and reconnect the other pc to your lan. Now it should work.
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    Yep, got it going now. I changed one PC's IP address
    to 192.168.1.xxx, accessed the router, changed its
    IP to 192.168.0.xxx, changed the PC back, and I can
    configure it now.

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