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    another linksys router question

    do any of u know which ports mIRC uses...
    i need to download some files from a xdcc server on irc but it always says connection failed... im pretty sure its the router...
    any1 know how to fix it. im not too experience with this

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    you could just email customer support, tell them you dillema and ask them... never know.... sorry couldnt be of much more help.... never used mirc though...
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    any1 else?

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    go here http://www.mishscript.de/ircguide/appb2.htm and check it out

    I was trying to just find the ports listed etc but I think maybe they are just wanting you to look at the pics themselves cuz I dont see them listing ports etc in the text

    seems maybe it port 113 for mirc chat, then maybe 8000-9000 and 4990-5000 all open for dcc sends/chats. Not sure but I think those would be the pertinant ports to try



    another list, shows different ports....so Im not totally sure...maybe depends on the specific mirc server or even isp.

    more http://www.practicallynetworked.com/...p_pg4.htm#mIRC seems to agree more with first link
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    hmm ty for that link..
    i followed all his instrucitons, and it still doesnt work

    wait, let me check ur other links..

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    i still cant get it to work

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