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  • November 26th, 2011, 01:06 PM
    Lol wtf.... Anyways the 42lg5600 is all sold out and probably will be hard to find online so I might end up going with the 47 inch 5700 version but it had some cons I remember reading about. They are making a new version of lighter and less dark tint active shutter glasses so who knows I bet not 1 kid in the world playing bulletstorm for pc in 3d on a 3d tv instead of monitor. But it looks like nvidia obviously has support for games coming through patches as well as sli etc (might get a second gtx 570 or maybe make my gtx 275 a physix card? Idk lol)
  • November 26th, 2011, 05:34 AM
    The new hdtv technology provides greater picture quality. This technology is really one of the new discovery in TV technology. HDTV technology also helps you save your energy bills. This new HDTV technology are not expensive and now there are a wide range of Television are available today which different in size or different in features.
  • October 29th, 2011, 07:54 AM
    meant to reply a long time ago but it timed out halfway through lol. Yes my screen name is a reference to the game you are thinking of lol used it for quite awhile now mostly as my character "Cronosquare" in WoW but I only played pvp arenas lol.

    Anyways I read a lot into this 3D Bullshit gimmick or whatever we wanna refer to it as lol but ya its definitly hard to classify how good a tv is nowadays with them performing different tasks like viewing 2d, 3d, gaming or fast action movies at different levels. Basically some tv's deal with one aspect well whiles not so great in others or maybe there is certain issues, best bet is to pick a panel model and just search multiple different sources of reviews to see if there is common problems that arise. Anyways I just searched for 3-4 different review sources on the LG panel I Linked before and they all came up amazing in comparison to other models including passive and active shutter displays.

    I read the comptability chart hidden in nividias site for comptabible hdtvs and found that all the "3d" ready certified ones were listed but just a standard 120hz tv without it wasnt because tv's that aren't certified 3d dont have 2 video processors to create two video imputs at 60hz per eye so when the shutter glasses open and close your eyes see two different images which percieves depth. Some tv sets and people are saying that images are darker because of the tint of the shutter glasses but they can be more sharp and accurate then passive glasses which can also shave off some resolution.

    Although passive glasses are a newer technology and have way more perks than cons. they are cheap 10 dollars a pair can usually use the same ones you get from a 3d theatre on most sets apparntly instead of the 200-300 bulky shutter ones. The LG tv I linked comes with 4 pairs, they dont require to snyc to a device or batteries. They are polarized to let certain light through each eye which creates visualization of depth allowing all 120hzs to be percieved from each eye correctly so it doesn't half that rate like active shutter tv's do. They are light and I myself have contacts so I could understand people that wouldnt want to wear glasses and heavy ones around them.

    I myself have only seen one 3d movie which I thought was pretty decent. I am interested in a good sized new bedroom tv that ill be using primarily as a monitor but also for gaming on the pc in 2d and 3d as well as tv and movies. I currently hace a t260 samsung 26 inch that started having transistor problems after 3 years almost i think so i sent it back to them (because the lighting was going in and out of the screen) and they repaired it. So the LG 42 would probably be perfect and I'm not sure how far the viewing for 3d gaming would be but id compensate somehow I suppose, use the xbox for windows controller for half my games, I figure some will work better than others in 3d and some I wont want to just because im sure its easier to be more accurate in competitive games especially online like MW3 than games you are just playing campaign for leisure on easy baked out of your mind lol. I got way too many costs to get 1k to throwdown for it yet but maybe after christmas i can work on it whiles I work off my other debts lol. Would be cool to have some good content instead of the typical 3d shit they seem to advertise that no one wants id agree it sounds more like a gimmick than anything but as weird as lost planet 2 has been to try to play and pretend im liking it look at the trailer for that game and imagine it in 3d lol. I work graveyards at a hotel and smoke the ganja I got wayyyyy too much time on my hands lol I dont know much about cameras btw I was thinking of getting one years ago when I skateboarded but ya lol they are apparntly capable of 3d without aid of glasses with small format screens like phones and the nintendo 3ds but I havent really looked into it, doubt big tv's will see it anytime soon. In fact the smaller 3d tv's (40/42) seem to be shower better more accurate images then the bigger 3d tv's my guess is because the video imaging still being at 1080p (1900-1080) resolution the screen is just getting blown up when you are at 50+ and the AA is just gonna get you a lot of jagged edges so thats defitly a benefit of going with a better bedroom sized tv.

    Either way maybe sometime after december my gtx570 will have a chance to pair up with this thing to play some intense 3d games lol.
  • September 28th, 2011, 01:14 PM
    I don't even like wearing regular glasses let alone 3D glasses. Hey, an extra $5 at the Lowes or whatever to see a 3D movie? Bullocks. Err... 3D TV looks neat actually, I think I did see a Samsung with 3D over at Microcenter but the whole wearing glasses thing + increased price tag since the tech is new has kept me away.

    You know what I saw at a camera expo recently in Jersey? New HP DSLRs that take photos in both regular formats and 3D! Works well with a 3D TV so I'm told. Again though... it is an added perk that, with the price tag being so high, isn't really for me.

    If you do get any of that kind of stuff and use it for gaming feel free to let me know how it is though. I can see how it might be neat with my Eyefinity with a 3+ monitor setup on the PC. Or for certain "types" of videos if you catch my drift.

    Edit: Is your name a reference to my most favorite video game ever made? If so, major props there.
  • September 27th, 2011, 11:37 PM
    yeah I read more into it, all tv's that list themselves as "3D" have like two engines/processors for displaying 2 signals at 60hz as opposed to interpolating and creating extra frames with one signal at 60hz which won't allow you to use 3d shutter glasses.

    LG 42" 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (42LW5600) : 40" - 49" 3D TVs - Future Shop

    Found this LG panel that has 2.6 ms, and 4 passive 3d glasses. I read that it might be better to use the passive glasses for gaming just because they dont have to open and close so it probably works better with higher frame rates instead of 60hz per eye. nvidia has a list that's hidden in 3dtv play compatible tv's and this one falls under it. Nice too because I wont have to purchase the nvidia setup for it just a 40 dollar upgrade for 3dtv play. I'm looking for a few months down the road though anyways lol. Def check them out first but anyone actually have a 3d set lol. Idcur if its a gimmick or not I just want some answers lol.
  • September 23rd, 2011, 03:44 PM
    I doubt many of us have any experience with this new 3D 'gimmick'... I would just read up on some reviews and try it out... Most come with a 30 day return policy?
  • September 23rd, 2011, 08:15 AM
    Anyone at all? Should I have posted this somewhere else? I can't seem to get a definite answer out of anyone lol I just figure a legit 120hz signal with a low ms time would make for lag free 3d gaming. Not sure what qualifies a tv to be "3d certified" other than a true 120hz signal and low ms time to help its just a pair of shutter glasses viewing two images at 60hz right. who knows haha
  • September 19th, 2011, 06:29 AM
    Has ANYONE even tried a simple 120hz led 1080 p TV with low ms time for 3d gaming with the nvidia glasses and transmitter? Im Beginning to think not lol
  • September 17th, 2011, 12:15 AM

    3d compatible tv?

    Philips 40" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (40PFL7505) : 40" - 49" LED TVs - Future Shop

    Is this tv 3d compatible with the nvidia 3d glasses? (have a gtx 570/ core i7 920 etc) I've been reading about tv's that don't provide true 120hz but use other technology to replicate it that might make for a better picture but not be any good for 3d. It appears to be 120hz and 2ms and 40 inch led with maybe a lcd casing and for 700. I dont wanna pay 5k for a 3d smart tv lol thats just fucking stupid imo more or less do i have that kind of cash. Im using a samsung t260 (first one died just before warranty was up lol) nothing too impressive I just want a good 120hz led about 40inch to serve as a 3d monitor with high contrast and brightness with a sharp image, I don't mind 1080p, they don't even make 120hz (3d gaming ready) monitors bigger than 26inches but have higher resolutions though like my t260 at 1900-1200.

    Anyways is this a good option and will it work

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