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    DVD Drive opens and closes by itself

    Hi, I have a strange problem with my DVD player. Samsung S616. It opens and closes by itself.

    I tried antivirus, spyware removal, air cleaning making sure connections are on tight - still active.

    Seems more prominent when I am on-line. So some electrical impulse is connected and causing the problem. Any HELP?

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    I would imagine that the DVD drive is faulty. On my bad one, anytime I put in ANYTHING, cd,dvd, whatever, it makes Windows lock up. Replaced with a new drive and bam, works perfect. I think the drive went to crap because it was a VERY cheap drive- less than $10 and a no-name brand. Try a different drive and see what that does. Could also be a bad IDE cable so I would try switching that too.

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    Guess what I need a new DVD drive! I took it out and just input the 5Vdc and guess what - it did the same thing. I also took the thing apart just to make sure there were no spiders or any tiny bugs shorting the connection someplace, nope - clean!

    So - you were quite correct. What a drag

    Now maybe I can persuade Wifey to let me get a new DVD write
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    Red face

    Nope! Doesn't work. Now it seems to be internet explorer surfing that is causing it. How to reinstall? Could it be mouse movement? This is really annoying
    Well, now that I lost the drive physically, I now also lost my other cd-drive. Man!
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    If you swapped IDE cables and tried a different drive and still didn't get anywhere, that leaves a few options, none of which are very good. One could be that your IDE controller drivers need updated. I don't know what kind of MOBO you have or chipset, but if you can figure out what chipset you have I would download the most recent drivers. This could help with the phantom ejecting. Does it do this if you are playing a cd or game? I am thinking that it has something to do with your drivers. Worst case scenario is that your motherboard is shorting somewhere, causing false signals to your drive to tell it to open up. I would lean to exploring your drivers.

    Another option is to update the firmware in your drive. This would require you to go to the website of your manufacturer and download an update. Some firmware can be flashed on Windows while others have to do it dos based. I would recommend trying this as well. It's rather hard to screw up doing, but you can potentially ruin your drive should you mess up while updating your firmware. Let me know what you try and how it works out.

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    Have you run antivirus scan, spyware scanners?
    use spybot and adaware se... both can be gotten from download.com
    try taking the front drive faceplate off and making sure its not a sticky or wedged button...
    Ive heard of odder things than that before.
    just some things to rule out...

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    Thanks to all for the help. I have purchased and installed a new Sony dvd+rw drive and the problem is no longer. Apparently, the drive or a circuit board inside the drive that controls the voltage was faulty. I am relaxed now!

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