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    How to install motherboard?

    I am upgrading to a new mobo and amd 64 3400. I know how to do the physical installing, but I am wondering about software. Do i need to uninstall the drivers for my old mobo? If so how do i do that?

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    99% of the time you need to format when changing motherboards on xp./2k...and the only time you can really get it to work is if they have the same chipset
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    please dont say i have to reformat! Errr i dont wanna do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeadBand
    99% of the time you need to format when changing motherboards on xp./2k...and the only time you can really get it to work is if they have the same chipset

    I think you can repair Windows. And you will be fine. But Why not reformat?

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    I hate reinstalling all of my programs, it's such a pain in the butt. how would I go about repairing?

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    A repair may work, but it isn't guaranteed.

    You would do so by booting off your XP CD and you will need to select the second "R." The first "R" is for the repair console, which is NOT what you want. You want to repair your install of XP which will come after it searches for any previous installations. If this does not work, you will need to format your drive.

    Formatting will probably be best as you will start fresh and is much more stable than a repair.

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    Unfortunatly i lost my windows XP cd, so if I am goign to reformat i have to get a new one. My college has a download site, every student can have one free download and i think it has windows xp to download. it says "Windows XP Upgrade for students" and it is 458 MB if i download that and put it on disks, because it's a two disk download, will I be able to use that on my new motherboard?

    I have professional right now, i think the new one i'm getting is just XP, is there a big difference? I am a huge gamer, will it affect me much?
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    The best thing is to begin of zeros.

    If you install the new mobo and you begin the pc with the previous configuration him but insurance is that it puts you problems the system.

    I recommend you that you record everything and format before installing the mobo.

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