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    What multiplier & FSB in bios for my cpu?

    I managed to pick up a cheap athlon XP cpu for my sons ageing PC which I understand from its colour and markings is a green Athlon XP Thunderbird 2200 (number 27648)

    The markings on it also suggest it runs at a voltage of 1.6v and a max FSB of 266.

    Unfortunately as a long time intel user I have no idea how to set this cpu up in bios.

    I assume the FSB should be 133 but what do I select for the multiplier? I understand an athlon 2200 is actual;ly 1.8Ghz so do I use 2200/133 or 1800/133 or 2200/266 or 1800/266.

    Hope someone can help me please.


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    what kind of a board do you have...are those accually the settings on it

    it should be 13.5x133 because the accually fsb will be 133mhz double pumped to 266 and the speed it 1800 mhz so 13.5X133=1800...it is called a 2200+ because it would take an origianl t-bird 2200mhz to run at the same speed (or so they say) but they accually cpeed has nothing at all to do with 2200+
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    many thanks HeadBand

    sorry I should have posted my board details as well. It's an MSI KT2-Combo-L


    So I assume that I set it to 13.5x133?

    The 2200 and 1.8 had me mystified. I'm just curious, if I hand't found that website, how would I ever know that an Athlon 2200 was 1.8Ghz?


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    I should have looked closer at that MSI site. The cpu type page there sets it all out for me.

    FSB 133 multiplier set to auto.


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