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Thread: processor type

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    processor type

    What is the difference btw 2 processor types of the same kind of processor...for instance 754 vs 939



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    sorry wrong links.....



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    The difference is between the sockets. Basically the slot that is used to link the motherboard to the CPU.

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    And, 939 is faster than Socket 754.

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    Everything being equal, including clock speeds, 939 is faster. In this particular case the 754 processor is clocked 200MHz higher to make up for the lack of dual channel that the 939 has. Assuming no overclocking is taking place they will perform about the same. (hence the same performance rating)

    That said though, I would definatly go with the 939. They tend to run cooler because their based on a 90nm vs 130nm process and generally can overclock higher. You also have a wider selection of CPU's to chose from should you decide to upgrade.
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