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    Vertical Green line on lcd.

    Ok I have vertical green like lines goin across my dell 2000fp 20 inch. I was wondering if anyone has ran into this problem before. Also when i push or tug a little on the vga connection on the monitor my creen changes colors but the vertical lines are still there. I dont think the vertical lines are there in svideo mode so i dont know whats goin on. please help me out.
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    do you have a different monitor you could test?
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    Yes I did test it on a different monitor and the vertical lines are gone. Thats not the question what i want to know is what is exactly wrong with my 20 inch lcd is it the inverter, logic board or screen? or could the ribbon have come loose.
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    Does your display look something like this:
    That discussion:

    ended with him replacing his Mobo to fix the problem.

    When you did your check, did you also change the VGA cable, and how long did you test it with a different monitor? Reason we're asking is because Overheating of your MOBO, Vid card, or monitor all can cause this, also a bad signal from from the VGA cable.

    IF it is your monitor it MAY cost you more to repair it than replacing it would.
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    If you replaced your monitor and there weren't any lines then you are right in saying that it is the monitor. There could be a crooked or damaged pin connecting to the monitor, it coould be the cable connecting. Are you using DVI or VGA. I've seen brown lines, red lines, green lines, etc. from DELL's at work. Since they are under warranty, we just replace them. Sometimes the third replacement is the charm. Is it still under warranty?

    Sometimes it comes from the DVI to VGA connector we use too. Again...those are bent or damaged pins though.


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    thanks for the input i been on mini vacation and couldnt respond. But yes on another monitor everything looks great. No its no under warrenty I bought it used from a local store. Im using the VGA connector right now. I want to crack this thing open but i cant seem to get it open no matter how hard i try. i was lookin to replace it but i cant find a monitor out there that has picture in picture and all the connections this one has.
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    and as far as those links with examples my lines arent that bad they are reall small and i can still see everything but they make games look terrible.
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    what about it being the graphics card? .. i would look into that like others have said, it might not just be that the pin is bent, it could be something "inside" the card
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    Touch the LCD

    I just recently had the same problem: A green line, 1px wide, from top to bottom of the monitor.

    I read somewhere (lost the link), that it doesn't have to be the graphics card nor the mainboard or cables. The (unbelievable) tip that I got was to GENTLY touch the spot where the line is.

    I did that and just touched the monitor above the viewing area. It worked. The line disappeared, and didn't return. Of course that doesn't have to be the solution, but it worked in my case.

    Hope it helps!

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    But if i disconnect the VGA cable from the led then a message is appeared that "No display " even then the green line is there

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