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Thread: AGP Slot

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    AGP Slot

    I opened up my computer just a minute ago (emachines T2984) and on the motherboard there are three PCI slots, and above them is a little space that says "AGP" slot, but there is no AGP slot. Is there a way to buy an agp slot and put it on?

    BTW, I just bought a new graphics card. its a radeon 9250 with 128 mb.

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    Hey & welcome to TechIMO

    Sorry, but there is no way of adding an AGP slot to your motherboard. There is a PCI version of the ATI 9250 though.

    Why are you wanting to upgrade your graphics? A specific game?

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    Oh, okay. I am aware that it is a pci card. I just wanted to know on a side note if it's a good card.

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    Most PCI cards are not design for performance as the bus has a limited amount of speeds. Of course its better than on board video.

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    * Intel Celeron D 340 (2.93GHz) Processor
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    * 80GB 7,200rpm Hard Drive
    * 48x CD-RW and 16x DVD-ROM Optical Drives
    * AC'97 Audio and Stereo Speakers
    * Intel Extreme 2 Integrated Graphics with 64MB Shared Memory
    * v.92 56Kbps Modem and 10/100 Ethernet
    * Five USB 2.0 Ports and 8-in-1 Media Card Reader
    * Windows XP Home, MS Works 7, Money 2004, PowerDVD and Norton Anti-Virus

    I believe that's your machine...

    Like what "GroundZero3" said.. it's not meant for performance... but it is better then your "onboard" graphics

    are you wanting to "game" with this pc ..?? what are your specific intentions...??

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    Well, I forgot to say this but I did put in an extra 512 mb of ram, and put in a DVD burner. I am also getting a new graphics card. I do want to do some gaming. It's the best card I can afford right now.

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    well, you might get a little gaming out of it... but as far as the "new" games.. i don't think the graphics card will hold up well to those...

    you might look into a better PCI graphics card if you can afford it...

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    I know you can play older and some newer games on that PCI card. My friend used to play WoW on a much slower system with a PCI graphics card on low settings and it worked just fine.

    But like everyone else has said, don't expect to play games like Oblivion at all or other games on extreme settings.

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