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    are there agp cards with hdmi out?

    are there agp cards with hdmi out?
    would s-video be comparable in quality, or would hdmi blow it away.
    this is for viewing and playing pc stuff on my sharp HD lcd that only has hdmi, s-video, adn composite in's

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    All you need is an AGP card with a DVI out, and a DVI -> HDMI adapter or cable. Some TVs are picky about computer signal over HDMI, but most will do at least a few resolutions. Check your TV's manual, it should tell you what it supports.

    DVI/HDMI will give you a far better picture than s-video. Not even really comparable.

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    thnx whir.
    my dvi jack is full of dust becuase its never been used before. time to take out the O2. gonna do some gunslinging of my own... :P

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