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    hard drive issue

    Ok, lets see who can solve this problem. So far all the searching ive done on google hasnt helped.

    My WD hdd died a few days ago so I bought another one. I have set the new hdd as the primary master and the old (damaged) hdd as the primary slave. Now I want to retrieve as much data off the old hdd as possible. Problem is, I cant even see the old hdd (slave) in windows. Bios recognizes it and so does device manager, but when i go open my computer, only the new hdd is present. I then went into disk management to assign it a letter (google search showed that is what has to be done) but disk management doesnt see the slave hdd either.

    So, my question is, what now? Any help would be appreciated.

    By the way, the old hdd that crashed, I can hear it spinning. Im running xp pro also if it needs to be known.

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    that problem is usually caused by jumpers incorrectly set.

    Make sure that the master is set as MASTER with SLAVE present, not just MASTER.
    Make sure the slave is set as slave too.

    Some hds have 2 separate MASTER settings.

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    yes, the i have the jumpers set correctly. I even changed them to cable select at the suggestion of some websites I have searched. (but have returned the jumpers back to the correct settings) Im totally lost right now..lol

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    Dead hard drives usually won't let you retreive data off of them - thus the
    term "dead"
    "Common Sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden."

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    thats a bummer..lol

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