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    SLI support for games multimonitor

    I had a long story typed out but this will save everyone a lot of time.

    Is SLI supported(or not supported) by specific games? IE does a game have to be sli compatible to enjoy the benefits or will everything work as usual?

    Also, can you set up spanned monitors with an SLI setup? I currently enjoy being able to game on one monitor and watch avi's on the other monitor. It works pretty well, but I have been considering trying a pair of the new 9600's in SLI.

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    Some games support it, some don't, and will only utilize one gpu. Some are so buggy it doesn't matter if it's SLI supported or not.
    SLI does not support multiple screens.

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    SLI is great for games that have a multi-gpu setting like COD2 had.

    SLI supports multiple monitors at it's default setting of Single GPU Rendering SLI Mode.

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