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    sorry i know this is a slightly old thread but i would just like to say to anyone buying new/more RAM,
    TAKE THE OLD RAM TO THE STORE WHEN PURCHASING or if buying online remove the old ram and take note of all the numbers on the label,
    i'm sure when searching you will see a number similar to what you have written down even a complete novice can see if 2 sets of numbers look the same
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    My two cents...

    A) Pin Outs

    Initially i thought i best to take a quick look at the pin out diagrams as below:

    DDR Memory Pinout Designations:
    DDR SDRAM DIMM 184 Pin Connector Pinout - AllPinouts

    DDR2 Memory Pinout Designations:
    DDR2 SDRAM DIMM 240 pin Connector Pinout - AllPinouts

    After considering the amount of different type of pins supply, input, outputs & input/outputs i find it against all the odds that the two types of memory are interchangeable, for example if you had a +ve supply pin on a RAM socket touching just one of the ground pins on a module that would be enough to mess things up IMO.

    B) Voltages

    DDR RAM operates at a nominal 2.5 Volts (1) whereas DDR2 operates at a nominal 1.8 Volts(2). That some pretty hefty over volting or under volting, whichever way you look at it, for anyone putting RAM into slots they shouldn't.

    (1) DDR SDRAM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In the big table.
    (2) DDR2 SDRAM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In the overview bit.

    C) I just doesn't Fit

    Somewhere years ago in an executive meeting someone said...
    "A good idea would be to make it impossible for people who aren't absolute morons to put these shiny new DDR2 memory sticks into their dirty old DDR slots"

    The heavens opened and God said "It shall be done"

    and so the story goes and the notch on DDR2 DIMMs was located in a different position from DDR DIMMs.

    D) Prove It, No Really Prove it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mickwish View Post
    Any scorch marks on the memory you put in? If not, it may not be the RAM that caused the burning smell. Could be CPU. What kind of CPU and motherboard? Maybe you jigged the heat sink fan a bit an cause the CPU to burn out. Not a good thing...

    Bad RAM can also cause a short circuit; not always with the RAMslot though, as it could cause current to flow somewhere else on the motherboard it shouldn't. Not common, but it can happen. Again, not a good thing...

    If you didn't need to force it it wasn't DDR2 in a DDR slot, basically. Can you post some specs for CPU / mobo/ and both types of RAM you have tried? Numbers off the RAM sticks would work.

    Basically the third paragraph. Specs of exact motherboard used and exact memory used would be great.

    E) Special Laptop Considerations

    Pinouts for DDR SO DIMM:
    200 pin SO-DIMM DDR - HwB

    Pinouts again DDR2 SO DIMM:
    200 pin SO-DIMM DDR2 - HwB

    Assuming (i do think this is fair assumption) that VDD is the supply voltage and that VSS is the ground designation as determined from the previously linked in pin outs in section A) then go down both lists linked above not very far and notice pins 9 & 21 for starters, not good news for compatibility.


    I think a fair yet queer analogy to bring up in this case is terrorism, bear with me :-). It only takes ONE bad thing to happen for example planting a bomb in a large building etc. (wrong pins touching) for the proverbial to hit the fan big time to devastating effect (building collapses kills 100's / RAM is wrecked & maybe the motherboard too).

    So yeh that was long for me
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    You smoked the Mobo dude.

    Yes, DDR2 will fit in the DDR slot!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes the DDR2 memory is not compatible with the DDR Mobo. Something on the Mobo fried and you will need a new Mobo and Processor to resore to working condition. Replace with same Part numbers and you will not need to update any drivers for it to work again. Change the Mobo specs and it will not boot until drivers are updated.

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    Again for the umpteenth Millionth Time, IT WILL NOT FIT!!! Unless its been forced in, that does not count anyways, its like trying to take a square peg and fit it into a round hole, using a sledge hammer.

    DDR's contacts/fingers are a different number than DDR2 (unless its Laptop DDR/DDR2, otherwise for Desktops its completely incompatible, as there's 184 pins for DDR, 240 for DDR2 and DDR3, and the divider notch is in a different location for all three), but even then, the Voltages are different.

    Just Spent the Last Half Hour Putting this together, hoping it will sink in with some... But I'm sure there are some Tools out there that will continually insist that it does fit and is compatible.

    LARGE IMAGE (4.7MB 1600x4800 Pixel JPEG)

    (Image is Resized for Forums, but here's full size Pic link: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a1...KINDDRSLOT.jpg )

    Unless it is a Laptop or some sort of Mini ITX or similar form factor Motherboard that uses Laptop memory, as far as Desktop goes DDR2 WILL NOT FIT INTO DDR SLOTS...

    Unless someone is using some sort of "Modified" motherboard or some off brand/crap brand el cheapo that has the divider removed.... Or They Are using Mislabeled RAM... Its NOT Possible.

    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words?

    How about 4 of them in one image?

    Ok, maybe not a Thousand or Four Thousand Words, but this just goes to prove what we've all been saying for some time now.

    If You Continue to Believe it is Possible, then Back it up, show us the proof.

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    DDR 2 can fit enough to destroy Mobo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, DDR 2 does not fit properly in a DDR slot, however, when I put it in my DDR Computer, it seemed to fit as it poped in place and the end clips came up to fit in side slots. It appeard to fit. Upon closer look, it noticed that RAM was not seated properly and was sitting a little at an angle becasue it was not propery fitted. THis was enough of a fit to cuase the Mobo to smoke and be distroyed.

    SOOOOOOO...... DDR 2 can fit (somewhat) enough to destoy the Mobo. I know I did it twice on two different Mobos before I discovered I had the wrong memory. Hard to see bad fit when Mobo is installed in Case.

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    Ddr 2 in Ddr slot

    Quote Originally Posted by EXreaction View Post
    You can not sell those damaged ram sticks that you bought. Not only is it impossible to use DDR2 in a DDR slot, but now since you've destroyed the DDR2 ram it won't work in anything.
    Hi, I dont understand why the person filed down memory to make it fit, the clue is in the names.

    They are different, ddr & ddr2.

    Come on its not hard now.

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    Dead motherboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Raulrocks View Post
    Here's what I did: I tried to upgrade my memory, which had been configured with 1 stick of 128mb and 1 of 512mb. My MOBO can support up to 2 gb, so I took out the 128 and installed 1 stick at 1gb of Kingston ValueRam PC3200.

    Here's where the problem started I think, when I turned on my computer it wouldn't boot, but I got beeps and it started to smell like it was burning. I immediately shut it down. There are no scorch marks on the old memory and I don't recall seeing any scorch marks on the 1gb when I took it out, but I returned it to the store.

    I left it alone for a while, then I took out the 1gb stick and replaced the old memory. Now when I turn it on, nothing happens. There are 2 lights on the front near the power button, the one to left is orange and the one to right is green. The monitor says "no signal". No beeps, no nothing. Just the fan. I've tried putting the sticks in different slots and I've tried only using either the 128 or the 512 alone.

    You killed your motherboard with your stupidity,
    Here are the specs:
    Dell Dimension 2400
    OS - Win XP Pro
    CPU - Intel Pentium 4, 2.66GHz
    Mobo - Dell P/N: 411726100004, Processor Supported: Intel 478-Pin processor, 400Mhz FSB, Intel 845GV chipset
    PSU - Achieve ATX 550W
    Original RAM - 1 stick 128mb Kingston (the number on it 9930258); 1 stick 512mb Kingston ValueRam


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    If you guys are even remotely reading what....

    If anyone of you guy are even remotely paying attention to this guys issues you will know what he is saying.. He is putting laptop memory in not desk top. all ddr and ddr2 memory in a laptop has 200pins.

    Quote Originally Posted by carl33p View Post
    As has been said many times. DDR ram CANNOT be installed into a DDR2 slot. Or vice versa.

    PC3200 is DDR memory.

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    If you are even remotely reading (or competent) what....

    Oh here we go again, Why the F can't anyone read the damn thread? (besides just let it die already)

    READ THE DAMN THREAD before calling us out on it.

    The original posters specs were posted and it CLEARLY shows its a Freaking Desktop, which DOES NOT use laptop memory. (Hell it was posted in the reply prior to the one you quoted)

    So before calling us out on things in the future, read the damn thread before posting, Unless you like looking like an ass, then by all means go at it.

    The topic is DESKTOP RAM plain and simple, Not Laptop. The never even mention laptop RAM at all in the posts.

    and has been said, YOU CAN NOT use standard DDR and DDR2 in the same slots.

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