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    CPU Fan speed utility

    I have recently realized that my CPU Fan isn't running full speed, and is not upping the fan's speed when it gets hot (about 45 degrees celcius on full load). I'm looking for a utility to monitor, and more importantly, change/set my CPU Fan's speed. I have Speedfan on my PC to monitor the temp of my CPU and HDD's, but it wont give me a reading on the fan speed, let alone set the fan speed. I'm guessing my mobo is not supported . Is there a chance that another utility might be able to read and change these speeds? If so, any suggestions?

    The relevant hardware for this issue:
    Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L mobo
    E2160 running @ 3.01GHz
    ASUS Silent Knight II CPU cooler.
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    Best bet is to change the fan speed/temp settings in the BIOS.
    If you have a CPU cooler that isn't as loud as a swarm of locusts you could even have it spin at full speed all the time.

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