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    Question optimal BIOS settings for e7400 with ddr2-800

    hi all,
    i have a question about ratio, memory divider and FSB settings.
    my harware setup is:

    CPU: e7400 2.8ghz core 2 duo, fsb 1066(quadpumped), ratio 10.5
    RAM: buffalo ddr2 800 (2GB x2) dual channeled
    mainboard: asus P5Q

    now im wondering what the OPTIMAL cpu ratio, fbs speed an memory devider should be.
    I dont want to OC, just set it to optimal settings as they should be. Im asking this because de AUTO settings causing my system to run unstable. so i want to set everything manually. any help woul'd be great!


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    Hi and welcome to techIMO.
    Perhaps I'm not understanding right. You listed everything you need to set in the BIOS at the begining of the post.
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    what i meant was, if i were to set the BIOS manually: what FSB speed do i set?, what cpu ratio ? what memory devider/speed? . the goal is to check if everything runs stable at the right settings
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