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    Unhappy USB drive extremely urgent problem, Files cannot be seen but they are there! Help...


    Whenever I plug in the USB into my computer, it could detect it and seems to work alright. My computer detects it and gives the option to play the files.

    However, if I try to browse/explore the device, it's always empty(gives the 'This folder is empty' message). I can't see any of the folders or files on the device and I know they are there because when I rightclick and see the properies, the pie chart shows that some space has been used! It just happened yesterday and please tell me what to do, I have extremely important files on the USB!!!
    I have also tried searching for some files that I had on my USB but it says that it can no longer find them. It says that 'The item 'whatever I searched for'
    that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?'

    Please help urgently!

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    A thought

    Do you by any chance have a U3 drive?

    We have some at work that use hardware encryption and they display the USB drive as two separate drive letters (for instance H and I). If you want to see the files on the drive, you have to select the higher drive letter, in this case "I".

    I'm guessing this may not be your problem, but figured I would at least put it out there.

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    What does disk management say about the drive?

    What is the make and model of the drive?

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    try this:
    right click on my computer.
    left click on manage
    left click on disk management

    now look on the right side and see if you see your usb drive if you do then do the followning:

    right click on the drive letter and click on open.

    good luck.

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    No, I only have one drive letter for the USB drive: E

    I took the screen shot of disk management for you:
    MyPicx.com - Disk_management
    If I open the drive(the highlighted one which says: Hassan) it will show me that it it completely empty and if I see the path of it by right-clicking, it shows E drive(which as I explained to slatus, is the original drive in which my usb is inserted)

    As for the model of the USB, I did some additional work for you:

    It's file system states that it is a FAT32 system file. The type is removable disk. I took another screenshot of the properties: MyPicx.com - Properties

    I hope that's enough information... the usb does not has a specific brand name. It's just a regular usb.
    If you need to know what type of usb it is, then here's the place where I bought it:
    New 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Pen Stick 16G Thumb Drive - eBay (item 260389320616 end time Apr-28-09 11:06:34 PDT)

    That still shows that the folder is empty

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    I hate to say it but that thing might be a chinese flash drive thats a 1gb with the firmware on it changed to show up as a 16 gb so when you run out of space (1gb) it writes over previous data. though i could be wrong...
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    USB Drive

    Had this issue myself and it turned out to be a type of virus or spyware which had set the properties of the file and or folder hidden. Try this. Go to My Computer and select the drive for your USB drive. Next, click the Tools menu, then click Folder Options. Click the View tab, then select/check the box to show hidden files, then click Apply/Ok.

    If this displays the contents of the drive, right-click on each folder stored in it, then click Properties. Uncheck the Hidden option, then click Apply/Ok. If prompted, be sure to select the option to apply the change to all of its files and subfolders.

    be sure to delete any files that were recently added which you did not add and do a virus scan and/or spyware scan on your USB drive and on your computer.

    Hope this Helps!


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    Also look in yur recycle bin to be sure it wasn't deleted somehow. It would still show up as 'space used' but not accessible.
    Just a thought.
    Another thing is to try and copy the entire drive. Maybe it can copy and then the files will show up.

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    This article doesn't explain how to recover your files, but if your drive is reporting storage incorrectly (i.e. a ghost drive from china), it may help you to bring it to work normally.

    A few things to be aware of before doing so, however:
    • Do not use the utilities included without reading instructions
    • Follow the instructions EXACTLY as they are written
    • DO NOT use or open both programs at once, as it says this can cause permanent damage to either USB or PC!

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    Thumbs up Use Recovery tool


    Hey don't worry, I believe your USB might be infected by virus or got corrupt. There is no need to get tensed for this, Just Chill. You can easily recover your USB files by using the USB File Recovery Software. This software is the perfect solution for your problem. it can perform the USB Stick recovery very easily. So, I think you can try this, as it can support all the popular versions of both Windows and Mac OS. If you want to evaluate it, then you can use the trial version of it and then if you are satisfied you can purchase it. In trial version itself you can view your files and its free. So, just give a try...
    You can find more details about the software here:

    If you need the trial version of the software go here:

    Hope it works...
    Best of Luck

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