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    RCa to USB adapter uses.

    Entire back story for this question = My TV died.
    I've been looking at RCA to USB cables/adapters/etc., and all of them are listed as being for recording. I was wondering if it's possible to use the aforementioned cable to connect a gaming console to my computer and use the computer instead of a TV?

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    I own an ATI usb tv tuner (got it a few years ago) and I tried to play GT4 on my ps2, running into my laptop, and it worked, but the lag is too great for most games. If you have a tv hooked up next to your computer with aforementioned tv tuner usb device, and sound outputted at equal levels, it will sound as though you are watching a tv placed at the far end of a large echoing room. Welcome to TechIMO!
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    Thank for the welcome, and the info. But if I may ask, how much RAM and what caliber of processor were you using at the time?

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    I had it on a 1.7 Ghz. single core centrino with 1.25 Gb RAM, But I've also tried it on my desktop running an overclocked Q6600 (@3.2Ghz Core 2 Quad) with 4Gb RAM and the lag is the same. (The difference is that my desktop can run other things, too.)

    The lag is in the "video card" in the usb TV tuner, unless you have a really old setup.
    Job hunting is a full time job.

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