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    Looking for way to boost volume above max for Windows Media Player (or system)


    Several movies I've been watching lately have been too quiet to hear well, even though volume was maxed in Windows Media Player, and on the computer. Is there some sort of plug in for Windows Media Player I could get to boost volume above max? Or software for my computer, if need be?

    Thanks. I've looked, and can't find anything.

    I'd rather not buy new speakers.


    Movies are from torrents. Not every movie is too quiet to hear--just sometimes. Speakers are external Altec Lansing speakers--they're turned up all the way, as well.
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    Are these store rental movies?
    Do you have another pc to test the movie files which is where the problem could be?
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    Are you talking about the 'built-in' speakers that some computers have, the ones that can be built-into the monitor (if a PC, rather than a LT), or some existing (external) speakers....??

    Without knowing anything more than what is in your post, it could be that you have speakers on your monitor - in which case you should just check what level they're set to, in case the monitor's settings aren't at 100%...
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    would love some help on this.

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    I've been having the same problem and it is maddening
    I use Windows Media Player that comes with Windows 7 & I think that's where the problem is. Lately I'm using DivX Player and it's not quite as bad.
    Be sure the player program's volume is maxed as well as your speakers. I leave the Control Panel volume window open all the time as settings just seem to change on their own. Also there are environment settings for large, medium, small rooms now which I play around with. Also I up the treble settings which usually helps. Haven't found the perfect solution yet. Didn't have this problem with XP.
    Good Luck & hopefully some audio savy member will show up.
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    Use VLC media player - Open Source Multimedia Framework and Player its one of the best media players around and volume goes up to 400%.
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    Try the movie on a different pc. If it too has low volume that would indicate that the movie is of low quailty and there isn't much you can do
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowri View Post
    Movies are from torrents
    The first suggestion would be to stop pirating movies - we do not support pirated movies here.
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    its is possible

    some programs such as vlc allow you to set the volume at up to 200%, it is actually possible but mainly in programs that are made more for the 'power' user, no what you find in user friendly wmp. Try this or maybe you could find another with a greater boost. Plugins may also exist for wmp to do this. Otherwise if you want to be hardcore you could edit the movie file in some program (such as premier) and actually increase the volume from here

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    thanks for the suggestion of the VLC player. I've heard about it and how amazing it's supposed to be, but I've never switched from WMP. 400% volume sounds like a good reason to me. I've tried most of the settings on my comp and haven't had much luck boosting the volume.

    As for your problem: I'm not sure how savvy you are, but you could always ripp the audio off the movie with virtuadub then boost the levels with audacity or some other audio program.

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    way to boost volume above max for Windows Media Player

    There's a out-of-the-box option to boost the volume, too:

    Right-click the WMP toolbar to show the menu
    Choose View / Enhancements / Graphic Equalizer

    Turn on, if turned off
    Move all the sliders to the top

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    Increase wmp volume

    I suggest that you download NCH photostage or videopad and load the movie. Once you have loaded the movie and dropped it on the timeline you can adjust the audio. (in photostage you first have to unlink the audio). In photostage, right click on the audio track. It will bring up an insert box with various choices. Click on "adjust audio volume and duration." Clicking the adjust will give you an audio insert with a line through the waveform. Click on the straight line and move the fade point up to max volume. In videopad, the audio will appear on its own track. Click on the star on the audio track and this will give you a list of effects you can add. Click on amplification and increase to whatever level you want. You can increase it to 400 and add another amplify to probably up to another 60 until distortion occurs. VLC is a good suggestion but sometimes it does not accept all formats. Once you have done this you can save the movie by clicking the export in videopad or save movie in photostage. It will take some time to do this (a full length movie will probably take all night) but the volume will be permanently increased in any format. I use this on music videos that won't play loud enough on wmp. (On certain videos, you can reload the video and increase it further)
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