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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlantix View Post
    There is a reason: it does not work. Either with the disc in or without, it goes to troubleshooting Windows, then nothing.

    Did you mean to format the disc while booting up? How do I do that? As you see, I know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to get things done...
    I know this may come across as silly but are you hitting a keyboard key when your bios wants you to so you can boot from cd/dvd?

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    Back on track with a fresh install and with a little more patience... waiting for 64-bit apps capable of using more of my RAM now idling...

    As mentioned earlier, the boot order was fine, but for some reason, still the computer went to the corrupted W7 on the hard drive. I always have around a live Linux CD (right now Ubuntu, but I used Knoppix, Puppy, KDEnlive, etc in the past) for this kind of situations - pop it in, reboot, and from within Ubuntu I deleted everything on the C drive. Now at the next boot it went just fine to the Windows Seven installation DVD, and from there all is well.

    Also, this time I set up a backup of the C drive on a different (internal drive), so hopefully if this happens again, I'm prepared... but then again, it should not happen...

    Thank you Gentlemen,
    An Atlantic citizen

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    Do you have a portfolio of some of your work?

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