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    Zune Hard Drive Question

    Hey All.

    I own a 120GB Zune. Unfortunately, a few days ago the hard drive started making a clicking sound and the Zune turned off. Any time I try to turn it on now a scratching sound comes from the hard drive, but otherwise the unit seems functional (screen works, etc). I want to replace the hard drive, but the replacement (a 1.8" form factor) costs as much as $180...which is almost like a Zune HD. So, I want to buy a broken Zune with a functional drive on eBay. However, most of the searches return 80GB drives. Does anyone have an idea whether a 120GB Zune would function with an 80GB drive?

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    and this guide seem they may be helpful to you.
    Rapid Repair - Microsoft Zune Generation 3 120GB Repair Guide by RapidRepair

    I'm interested to hear how your efforts turn out. I have a Zune 120, which is still in good shape (knocks on wood).
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    I've tried to replace the hard drive in 2 zunes & neither has worked afterward. I don't know if the hard drive I purchased was faulty or not but I tend to think it is as neither zune worked with it. At the same time when I reinstalled the original hard drive the zune wouldn't even load. It's not hard to take them apart but something must have gotten damaged in my 2 tries.

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