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    Connecting multiple hard drives to USB Hub

    After looking at all kinds of options, I am planning on purchasing multiple 2 or 3tb external hard drives that i will connect all through a 10port POWERED USB Hub.

    I have read reviews on this hub where one user said he had multiple flash drives connected to it and Windows picked up every single one of them fine.

    What i want to do is buy these hard drives in pairs so i can software mirror raid them.
    They are to be used as active storage whenever i need to access or move something over to them.

    Besides that, they are shut off.
    For the short time i will use them in a day, software raid is perfectly fine with me as i do not need performance anyways, redundancy is more important here.

    Question i'm wondering is.. since i've never used a powered hub before, can a 10port powered hub really allow the control of up to 10 hard drives through one usb cable?

    Specs say with the power cord connected, it gives 500mA per port so i know that's plenty.

    Will booting up 10 drives in a software raid be ok? Never done software, just hardware raid.

    I have a core2quad q9300 @3.4ghz, 4gb of ram.

    I typically have about 35% memory free.

    I got the page file turned on because there are instances where i go over 4gb.

    I may need to up my setup to 8gb soon.

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    I dont recommend doing what you are considering doing

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    Quote Originally Posted by GroundZero3 View Post
    I don't recommend doing what you are considering doing
    Might be good advice but the most important thing is missing from your post. WHY.

    I would get an add in card for your computer that is USB 3 and has a mess of ports. One with 4 ports would not be hard to find and not be very expensive. Hook each drive into it's own usb port. JMHO

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    Well for one, the speeds would be abismal, do I need to go on? This just isnt how you do things, you dont plug 10 hard drives into a usb hub and do a software raid on it.

    If it was one or two drives I would say hey that should be okay for a backup solution. But 10? Come on now.

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    ok, hehe, i just found another option that will work out for about the same price...

    2 port multiplier cases, hardware raided, holds up to 24TB total.

    I'll be goin with, not immediately, to 8TB on 1 case..
    that should hold me over for quite a while.

    By the time i need to purchase the other one, 3 and 4tb drives will be greatly reduced in price.
    Comes with a free PM supported dual esata hardware raid controller.

    It's very nice for the price and great reviews too.
    1 8TB setup is $429.
    1 12TB setup is $589.

    So basically I get the same thing, but only spending a few dollars more to have it all hardware controlled which is a plus.

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