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    Monitor blank when connected w/ DP

    I just bought an ASUS VE248Q because of its display port to be able to use it as a 3rd monitor. I just got the monitor yesterday but still did not have the DP cable until today. Yesterday, i setup dual monitors, the new one with a old VGA, both through DVI (one converted to HDMI, the other, VGA). Once i got the cable, i plugged the other old one in (they are the same model, both VGA) and then the ASUS through DP. The two dells were working but the ASUS was not. my computer recognized the screen but it is blank (black, like when it is off, not a ON black color). I tried different combinations, unplug the DELLs and just leave the ASUS, still blank. The monitor recognizes it is plugged in too, because i unglued the DP cable from the monitor input, and then it said no signal... so i implied it was getting a signal, but something was going wrong.

    I don't know how to explain the situation any better haha, any help would be greatly appreciated! I REALLY want to use my triple display haha!

    Thanks a lot!

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    I tried a different pattern this time to try to get all three monitors to work. I plugged in both VGAs by the DVI outputs (they were fine), but then when i plug in the DP cable to the monitor, they all are black, and then when i unplug it, the VGAs turn back on, and the DP monitor says, no signal... Any one have a clue as to why this is happening? thanks,

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    Need help with triple monitor setup

    I al ready posted a topic in "technical support" but i thought maybe here would be more appropriate.

    Ive always had dual monitors, so i decided to buy a 3rd one. It is display port compatible so that i could connect it via that port. However, afetr plugging it in (two other monitors plugged in VIA DVI to VGA), all sceens go black as if tey were in standby mode or if the tower was off. I unplug he DP and the two monitors turn back on.

    any idea why i cant get the new one to work with the others?


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    please don't create multiple threads for the same topic, if you want a thread moved just ask and well be happy to do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by RicheemxX View Post
    please don't create multiple threads for the same topic, if you want a thread moved just ask and well be happy to do it
    Sure, yea sorry about that! But how would i go about doing so?

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