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Thread: Graphic's cards

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    Graphic's cards

    Hi all,Im new to the forum and to Graphic cards, need some info, since my graphic's card is built into my board,can I just add one to a port? Im intrested in installing one that will improve my gaming such as farmville,and general graphic speed loading issue's, if I can add one to my HP 3.0 desktop, also have a E machine 2.8 desktop with the same issue and would like to install one in this as well.. and which one will work well and is affordable? and can I get one that will also let me watch movies on my tv going through my pc?? happy new yr all..

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    Basically you will need a PCI-e X16 expansion slot, and a decent power supply

    I'm not a gamer, but can't you play Farmville on a cell phone?
    At any rate, you don't need much for Farmville

    We need to know the specs on those computers, or we really can't make a recommendation.
    Start with the HP, as E machines are pieces of ****

    We need a budget, keeping in mind that you will probably need a power supply also.
    Which brings me to power supply specs, from the label, especially the 12v amps, and number of rails
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    What browser are you using? do you have all your drivers up to date? do you have the latest version of flash installed? Generally speaking adding in a stand alone card does not aid web based gaming unless you are using a browser and running a game that supports hardware acceleration.
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