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    SLI 560Ti Aftermarket cooler

    I have an SLI set up with 2 560Ti's. I have been looking around for the best aftermarket cooler.

    I have found the Arctic cooling coolers but I have not seen anyone put them on the 560Ti's.....

    So heres my thing... I want to know what is the "best" VGA coolers for an SLI set up?
    Im tired of it saying 79 for one card and 69 for the other... So I kinda want to bring those down...


    BTW they are the PNY OC-2 versions

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    that top card is gonna run hotter no matter what kind of cooler you slap on them. hot air rises and there's not really anything you can do. those temps are fine though. your cards will show no ill effects. best course of action is to increase your airflow. point a couple high cfm fans right in between those bad boys if possible.
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    as daniel mentioned those temps are perfectly fine. If your cards are doing 69 and 79C at load, you have no worries.

    that is actually pretty cool running even for those cards.

    Keep in mind too, the top card is the primary as well, so it should run a bit warmer even when SLI isn't used.

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