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    Question Looking for a AMD Athlon XP CPU - 3200+

    I have a Elitegroup KT-600 and want to get a bit more processing power to install a Blu Ray burner since the motherboard supports a SATA drive..
    I built this computer many moons ago and it has served me well.
    Hoping someone has one laying around somewhere.


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    I've got a XP 3000+ Mobile (Barton) chip.

    Runs at same clock speed as the desktop 3200+ (2.2GHz) but runs on a 266MHz FSB with a 16.5x Multiplier.

    Supposedly really good overclockers, but I never got around to doing that to mine.

    Haven't used it for a few years, but its sitting in my MSI KT-600 Motherboard. Windows sees it as a XP 3200+ due to the clock speed rating.

    I've also got a Thermalright Si-97a sitting on the CPU on that board: Newegg.com - Thermalright SI-97A CPU Cooling Heatsink

    With a copper shim placed around the CPU core between the CPU and Cooler base.

    I had always planned on getting around to using the board with an AGP Radeon 4000 series if I could get one for cheap, for Folding@Home, but I doubt I'd ever get around to using it.

    I did use it for a good year or so with my Radeon 9700 Pro and a Geforce 6600GT in it, as a second gaming PC in the house, but it didn't really get used that much. Mainly because it was always low on RAM, as I only had 512MB total of DDR RAM for it, everything I had was PC 133 SD RAM or DDR2 RAM at the time.

    If you wanted I could sell you the CPU and cooler for relatively cheap, and throw the board in free, since I don't have anything to put the CPU in to prevent the pins from getting bent.

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